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Economic Rockstar

Nov 13, 2014

Jason Stapleton is one of the founders of Trade Empowered and a managing partner of Harborsite Capital.  Jason hosts the podcast The Live Show. Jason’s heavy focus  on trader psychology, along with his in-depth knowledge of advanced technical analysis, gives him the unique opportunity to work with traders of all skills and levels, helping them to achieve a higher level of success and understanding in the foreign exchange market.


Economics and Finance Themes:

In parts 1 and 2 of the Economic Rockstar interview with Jason Stapleton, Jason mentions and discusses: technical analysis, trading strategies, stock market psychology, behavioral economics, herding behavior, Gartley patterns, harmonic price patterns, Fibonacci numbers, fundamental analysis, probability, the Turtle Trader story, rational and irrational behavior.


Jason's Influencers:

His business partner Todd Browne, options trader John Carter, systems trader Larry Hite and trader Mike Bellafiore.


Find out:

In this first part of the Economic Rockstar interview with Jason Stapleton, Jason shares with us some thoughts on technical analysis:

  • how Jason lost all his money when he first started out trading in penny stocks.
  • the number one reason why people become traders.
  • how to create a competitive edge in the financial markets.
  • about systems trading and the Gartley pattern.
  • how working on probabilities is better than certainties in trading.
  • and much more.


To check out the show notes page visit: