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Economic Rockstar

Jan 5, 2017

During the year I had the absolute honor to converse with some of the brightest minds in the economics. They shared with me their thinking, research and teaching methods and I personally learned a lot from them. I hope that you benefited from these conversations and that you personally felt part of it.

It was difficult to choose who to include, or more accurately who to leave out. I decided on a number of common themes for this 'Best of 2016' episode. So I hope you enjoy these sound bites and if you're new to the show, I hope that this episode will give you a taste of the content in the catalogue of episodes that lie await for you on the Economic Rockstar podcast. Enjoy!

The following are the episodes that I have chosen to include this year:

068: Daron Acemoglu Inequality, Philanthropy, Inclusive Institutions and Creative Destruction.

108 Steve Horowitz on the Micro Foundations of Macroeconomics and What Caused the Great Recession.

088 Denise Cummins Reciprocity and Fairness.

069 Diane Coyle GDP, the Happiness Index, the Human Development Index, The Soulful Science and How Very Human a Science Good Economics is by Being Concerned About Improving the Well-Being of People.

104 Russ Roberts Definition of Economics, Adam Smith and Happiness.

082 Peter Boettke Hayek and Keynes.

085 Michael Roberts Capitalism, Marxism, Protecting Resources and Ecology.

081 Julie Nelson Ecology and Gender.

114 Deirdre McCloskey The change that brought about the equality of liberalism and her gender transformation.

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