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Economic Rockstar

Dec 23, 2016

Courtney Conrad is a senior undergraduate economics major at Susquehanna University. 

At Susquehanna, Courtney serves as a research assistant, teaching assistant for principles of microeconomics, and tutor. 

Courtney’s research interests include labor economics, experimental economics, behavioral economics, and the economics of education. 

After completing her Bachelor’s degree in economics, Courtney plans on furthering her economics studies and research at the graduate school level with the aspiration of becoming an academic.

Since being hand-picked as a research assistant during her first year at SU, Courtney has actively assisted her mentor, professor and department chair Dr. Matthew Rousu, on a variety of projects over the years. 

As a first-year and sophomore, Courtney managed and conducted experimental auctions for a National Institute of Health grant-funded study in which tobacco smokers’ demand for e-cigarettes was assessed. 

Additionally, Courtney collaborates with Dr. Rousu in creating the videos and accompanying economics concept call-outs, discussion questions, and video descriptions for BroadwayEconomics.Com.