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Economic Rockstar

Sep 10, 2015

Jez Groom is a behavioral economist and co-founder of the behavioral practice #ogilvychange in the United Kingdom.

Alongside Rory Sutherland, Jez has created the Nudge Awards and Nudgestock, bringing the best in behavioral economics to the mainstream.

Jon Haywood is the founder of Ambassadogs and has been working in the Advertising industry for almost 20 years.

Jon has specialised in taking a more consumer (human) perspective of the marketing challenge, working with the likes of Rory Sutherland of #ogilvychange on understanding how behavioural economics can add a significant competitive advantage to the creative ideation process.

In this episode you will learn:

  • how Ogilvy Change are bringing Behavioural Economics into the mainstream.
  • about Nudgestock which brings academics and practitioners together to discuss the theoretical and practical intersection of behavioural economics.
  • how a ‘Fat Stickman’ pointing to an escalator and a ‘Thin Stickman’ pointing to the stairs can nudge a person to take the stairs.
  • about the bathroom tip-jar trick that could net you more tips than ever!
  • how Ogilvy Change gave The Times newspaper a ROI of 250 in incremental sales on a 1 investment.
  • that offering customers too many choices can affect your bottom-line.
  • how we can nudge people to take the stairs rather than the elevator by creating 'The Piano Stairs'.
  • how we can encourage people to bin their litter by simply creating ‘The World’s Deepest Bin’.
  • how we can reduce the amount of urine that ends up on the floor by putting a sticker of a fly in the urinal.
  • why businesses and governments are now embracing behavioral economics.
  • and much more.
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