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Economic Rockstar

Jun 25, 2015

Leah Bell spent tens of thousands of dollars on a college education for a degree in Education with the same hope of getting a job one day.  After struggling to find a teaching job as an Elementary school teacher, Leah had to work at a minimum part-time job to supplement her teaching salary. However, the school closed and she lost her job. Leah took on a job related to sales. But after a few years she realized that she wanted nothing more than to stay at home with her son. But with student debt and rising prices, it was extremely difficult on one income.



Leah Bell learned the most about life, not in the classrooms of the colleges she attended, but in the years following. After realizing the struggle in the job market, the difficulty of paying off student loans, and the heartbreak of sacrificing priceless time with family to meet financial needs, she and her husband have devoted their lives to sparing people of this depressing fate through their company Neotrep™, providing entrepreneurs with affordable education and tools to succeed. She recently wrote the book The Angry Grad to help prospective students and recent graduates choose the route of entrepreneurship instead of the unstable job world. 

Find Out:

  • what is the average student debt?
  • how a college degree is different today than it was just two or three decades ago.
  • why it’s so difficult for college graduates to find jobs and pay back their student loans.
  • how the future will look if we continue teaching young people that debt is the only way to afford a house, a car and an education.
  • what other options are there for people who are considering an education.
  • how debt is not the only way to get through college.
  • if we are paying more for college than we can hope to get back.
  • if it’s still worth taking on so much debt to get a degree.
  • if we’re living in a school loan debt bubble.
  • what we can do about all this?
  • and much, much more.