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Economic Rockstar

Jun 11, 2015

Jason Shogren is the Stroock Professor of Natural Resource Conservation and Management and Chair of the Department of Economics and Finance at the University of Wyoming. 

Professor Shogren’s background and research interests include the economics of environmental and natural resource policy, experimental methods; endangered species; invasive species; climate change; agricultural and forest management; energy; health; regulation; and paleoeconomics.

Jason served as professor to Sweden’s King Carl Gustaf XVI in 2012 and is a 2007 Nobel Peace Prize winner (shared with Al Gore) as a member of the United Nations team working on climate change.

He has also served as a senior economist on the Council of Economic Advisers in the White House under the Clinton Administration.


Jason loves fishing and music. He spends his time composing acoustic roots songs that he describes as catawampus American music, has five albums and will be touring this summer.

Find Out:

  • about the Cap and Trade Market for carbon emissions is a failure and would only work in a micro-management setting.
  • why its best to implement a carbon tax.
  • the difference between luxury emissions and survival emissions and why it maybe difficult for China and India to reduce their carbon.
  • how Jason’s depiction of a low probability-high severity event influenced Janet Yellen to take action on climate change.
  • if we are acting rationally or irrationally toward the environment.
  • how we can exploit rationality ‘for the good’.
  • how, over the last 30 years, we have become averse to just about everything.
  • how we can take advantage of peoples’ status quo to increase their contribution of paying a carbon tax.
  • how designing the right system can nudge people to do the right thing - just like soft paternalism.
  • how Jason sought inspiration about rationality from other disciplines, such as English literature and music composition, rather than from economics.
  • how Jason uses music as a form of escapism.
  • about the concerts that Jason Shogren will be playing at each year.
  • about Jason’s hitch-hiking experience in Ireland in 1985 from the Giants Causeway and down along the West Coast (now known as the Wild Atlantic Way).
  • about Jason theoretical thought process regarding endogenous risk and  how he applies it to different environmental risks.
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