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Economic Rockstar

May 21, 2015

Dr. Abdullah Al Bahrani is an Assistant Professor of Economics at Northern Kentucky University, where he serves as the Principles of Economics Coordinator. 

Abdullah’s research interests are in the fields of Industrial Organization and Education of Economics. Currently, his primary focus is on innovative approaches to teaching Economics. In Industrial Organization, his research examines market structure and competition in the banking and real estate industries.

Prior to joining academia, Dr. Al Bahrani worked in the mortgage industry from 2003-2006. He has also served as outside economic consult to the Ministry of Education, Sultanate of Oman and new business ventures entering Oman.

Abdullah received his Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Kentucky in 2010, where he received an award for Best Economics Graduate Teaching Assistant. 

Find Out:

  • why Abdullah decided to do a Phd in Economics in 2006 and left the mortgage industry just before it imploded.
  • about Abdullah’s economic consultancy work with the Sultanate of Oman.
  • about Abdullah’s connection when reviewing labor market studies in Oman (Hint: She is the Director General of the National Centre of Career Guidance and is as maternal to Abdullah as Oman is to him).
  • how Oman are creating an entrepreneurial spirit to drive is economy in the future.
  • why Oman is faced with difficulties in transitioning to an entrepreneurial economy.
  • how Omani culture is preventing it’s people to take on risk and why incentives do not work.
  • about Abdullah’s suggestion that to create an entrepreneurial spirit in Oman, the labor market must first be liberalised.
  • why discrimination exists in the Omani labor market and why US and UK ex-pats would be a preferred employee.
  • how data limitations for Oman make it difficult to conduct an empirical analysis of the labor market.
  • about Oman’s tourism initiative to create Oman as an eco-friendly destination.
  • how Abdullah is integrating social media into the classroom, making education a more interactive and conducive learning environment for students.
  • how to create a sense of community in a classroom.
  • why Abdullah received an Easter basket of goodies from a student’s mother.
  • why Abdullah is ‘helping his students to ‘clean’ their social media footprint.
  • about the research Abdullah is doing on racial discrimination in the labor market.
  • how Abdullah is identifying how racial discrimination is evident in online markets where, unlike traditional markets,  the color of your skin is not a factor.
  • how Abdullah was racially discriminated against in both the labor market and when selling mortgage loans in the USA.
  • how Abdullah dealt with racial discrimination and how it gave him his Phd dissertation question.
  • how online price comparison websites may actually be anti-competitive.
  • how online stores are eating into the consumer surplus.
  • and much much more.
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