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Economic Rockstar

Apr 30, 2015


Kim Holder is an economics educator from the University of Western Georgia and teaches principles of macro and micro. Kim is passionate about economics, music, media, pop-culture and sports and loves using technology and social media in the classroom to get her students excited about learning. Kim is founder of Rockonomix, an inter-university contest held in the USA that encourages students to compose economic-themed lyrics to a popular song.

Find Out:

  • how Kim Holder uses music to assess her students taking micro and macro classes.
  • about Kim's passion for economics and how she uses sports to explain economic concepts.
  • how you can become an ‘Economic Rockstar’ in the annual Rockonomix contest.
  • how to motivate students to study economics.
  • how selfies and memes can make students aware of economics around them.
  • about Kim’s decision to study economics because of true love.
  • about Kim's summer course ‘Economics Is Everywhere’ which introduces you to micro and macro, as well as personal finance.
  • about the Centre for Economic Education at University of West Georgia and how it is for the wider community and not just for students.
  • how K-12 teachers can avail of the workshops put on by the Centre for Economic Education at University of West Georgia.
  • about Pop Econ and why more should be done to introduce it to students at a principles of micro and macro level.
  • why students should be pushed to seek out economic themes in movies.
  • how to use Twitter for the classroom and the best practices to communicate with students.
  • what Kim’s top 3 movies are that contain economic themes.
  • the importance of financial literacy for students who are faced with taking out college loans.
  • how Kim Holder escaped poverty through education.
  • and much much more.

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