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Economic Rockstar

Nov 18, 2014

Jadrian Wooten is an Economics lecturer at Pennsylvania State University. Jadrian’s research focuses primarily on sports economics. He has a PhD from Washington State University and an MBA from Sam Houston State University.  He analyses various economic concepts that otherwise would not be evident by a typical sports fan or analyst. Jadrian shares his passion for teaching economics and believes that an interactive classroom is the best learning environment.


In this interview, Jadrian mentions and discusses: economics in sports, price discrimination, market structures, decision-making, some of his academic papers, over-confidence, Billy Bean, John Nash, Jim Cramer, stock markets, behavioral psychology, herding, contrarian investors, unemployment, labor economics and loss-aversion.


Find Out:

  • how Jadrian found a love for economics and the moment he wanted to teach it.
  • which academic paper made Jadrian realise that you can combine sports with economics and have the 'dream job'.
  • about Jadrian's unique teaching style and how it culminated from the collective influences of past professors.
  • how Jadrian used billions of tweets on Twitter to identify over-confidence in a sport pundits' predictions of outcomes in games.
  • and much more.


You can find the show notes to this interview at