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Economic Rockstar

Apr 2, 2015

Thomas O’Grady has a PhD in Mathematical and Statistical Economics from the University of California at Berkeley. His professional career has taken him from becoming the top analyst in Soviet intelligence for a U.S. agency and receiving the Meritorious Service Medal, also awarded to Wesley Clark, John McCain and General Schwarzkopf to positions with Fortune 100 companies to building three companies of his own. Thomas has been quoted by the print media over 30,000 times and appeared on TV and radio over 300 times. He currently hosts the popular podcast Life Unsettled.



Economic Themes: 

In this interview, Thomas mentions and discusses: Demographics, population, baby boomers, excess demand, shortage, housing market, rent control, employment, causality, permanent income hypothesis, life-cycle hypothesis, savings, dissaving, income inequality, income distribution and incentives.


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