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Economic Rockstar

Apr 28, 2016

Stephen Kinsella is a Senior Lecturer in Economics at the Kemmy Business School, University of Limerick in Ireland and a Research Fellow at the Geary Institute at University College Dublin. He is currently visiting Professor of Economics at Université Paris.

Stephen has 2 PhD’s, is well published in many Economics Journals and has won several grants worth around 1.5 million Euro.

Stephen’s area of expertise is in the study of the Irish and European economies.

He has written 4 books:
Ireland in 2050: How we will be Living,
Understanding Ireland's Economic Crisis: Prospects for Recovery,
QuickWin Economics, and
Computable Economics.

Stephen is a weekly columnist for the Sunday Business Post newspaper. He also has his own website which is amazingly rich in content, covering issues on the Irish and European economy as well as material he covers in his lectures.

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