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Economic Rockstar

Dec 24, 2015

Oliver Payne is Founder and Director of The Hunting Dynasty. He is a behavioural specialist, author, commentator, ex-ad creative, & manager.

Since the late 2000’s Oliver has been working with psychology specifically through The Hunting Dynasty looking to find and build interventions that change behaviour.

Oliver is author of ‘Inspiring Sustainable Behaviour: 19 Ways To Ask For Change’ which wrangles together environmental and social psychology, behavioural economics, and decision theory.

He is an advisor on the Influence Advisory Panel populated by experts from academia, politics, military, government and civil society.

Oliver is a speaker on behaviour at NATO (Latvia), for Government departments (Whitehall), Start-ups (Netherlands), Science Museum (London) and others.

He is the Co-founder of the London Behavioural Economics Network which meets monthly and is a Fellow of The Royal Society of Arts, and an Affiliate of the British Psychological Society.

Oliver’s company The Hunting Dynasty recently won the Gold Retail Nudge Award for 2015 for their ability to increase the comprehension level of a customer-facing product description.

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