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Economic Rockstar

Dec 3, 2015

Roger Whitney began his career as a Financial Advisor in 1991 and witnessed first-hand the rise and fall of the 'New Economy' and the Dot-com bubble that ended in 2000.

This experience made Roger realise that financial management is about people, not money, and that they are served best by advisors that are fiduciaries to their clients and have the heart of a teacher.  

In 2003 Roger left, at the time, the largest private bank in the world and co-founded WWK Wealth Advisors. Today, they are a firm of 14 professionals managing over $200 million in assets.  Roger is a lifelong learner and holds many degrees and certifications. He has a B.A. in International Relations, is a Certified Investment Management Analyst and a Certified Private Wealth Advisor.  

Roger also teaches courses on Wealth Management, Retirement Planning and Employee Benefits.  Roger’s blog, The Retirement Answer Man, was recently awarded the 2015 PLUTUS award for the best Retirement focused blog and podcast. You can check it out at

In this episode you will learn:

  • the problem with budgeting.
  • develop one habit to control your budgeting needs and requirements.
  • lazy man’s method to saving.
  • four myths that could ruin your retirement and how to avoid them.
  • the Permanent Income Hypothesis.
  • how Roger got his cashflow in place when setting up his business.
  • and much more.