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Economic Rockstar

Oct 8, 2015

Helena Norberg-Hodge is the founder and director of Local Futures. A pioneer of the ‘new economy’ movement, she has been promoting an economics of personal, social and ecological well-being for more than thirty years.

Helena is the producer and co-director of the award-winning documentary The Economics of Happiness, and is the author of Ancient Futures: Learning from Ladakh, described as “an inspirational classic”.

Helena has given public lectures in seven languages, and has appeared in broadcast, print, and online media worldwide.

She was honored with the Right Livelihood Award (or ‘Alternative Nobel Prize’) for her groundbreaking work in Ladakh, and received the 2012 Goi Peace Prize for contributing to “the revitalization of cultural and biological diversity, and the strengthening of local communities and economies worldwide.

In this episode you will learn:

  • how and why Helena decided to advocate for and promote localisation.
  • about Ladakh and how it was removed from the rest of the world.
  • how the global market was very destructive to the local market in Ladakh.
  • how globalisation destroyed the livelihood of farms and local businesses and created unemployment.
  • how the happiness and high self-esteem among the people of Ladakh was destroyed after a decade of economic development.
  • about Ladakh, where the Dalai Lama is the spiritual head.
  • about the phenomenal work Helena is doing to highlight the changing lives and economy of Ladakh and other regions.
  • about the true meaning of the real economy and how cheap money and speculation is destroying it
  • why the earth is so precious and must be protected before we witness irreversible and horrific damage.
  • and much, much more.
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