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Economic Rockstar

Oct 1, 2015

Alex Tabarrok is Associate Professor of Economics at George Mason University and co-founder (with Tyler Cowen) of Marginal Revolution University, an online platform for learning economics.

Alex is a TED speaker with over 640,000 views of his TED talk, How Ideas Trump Crises.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • how to ensure that criminals turn up of trial and to reduce the possibility of them becoming a fugitive.
  • why bounty hunters and bail bondsmen are best for the taxpayer.
  • why bounty hunters invited Alex Tabarrok to join them in a bounty hunt.
  • why a mother’s signature on a bail bond is the most effective way of making sure a criminal repays its  due.
  • how the terror alert level results in an increase in police presence and results in a decrease in local crime.
  • whether the best teachers have a positive impact on the future earnings of their students.
  • if a country can have a welfare state and open borders.
  • why immigrants to the United States are the most entrepreneurial.
  • what Marginal Revolution University is about and who it’s for.
  • how to leverage the best teachers and leverage their experience.
  • how artificial intelligence and computer adaptive learning programmes will be the next wave of teaching and learning.
  • and much more.
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