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Economic Rockstar

Sep 24, 2015

Eyal Winter is the Silverzweig Professor of Economics at the Hebrew University and Economics Professor at Leicester University.

He is a member and a former director of the Center for the Study of Rationality, an elected council member of the International Game Theory Society and an elected fellow of the Economic Theory Society.

Eyal was awarded the Humboldt Prize for excellence in research by the German government in 2010. He has presented his work in more than 120 research institutes in 26 countries around the world including Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, Berkeley, Cambridge, and Oxford.

Eyal's book Feeling Smart: Why our Emotions are More Rational Than We Think was published in January 2015.

Eyal graduated from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Mathematics, Statistics and Economics before going on to study his doctorate in Game Theory.

In this episode you will learn:

  • if there is a link between game theory and behavioral economics.
  • how the perceptions of human behaviour vary greatly across all disciplines.
  • if there is a need to have divisions in universities regarding the disciplines being taught.
  • how we can use emotion in a strategic way to make us better off.
  • why human evolution has not removed emotion if it’s considered a hindrance in economics.
  • the importance of training your rationality and emotions to work together.
  • why you should look at something from an outsiders perspective when dealing with an emotional situation.
  • how anger can be an emotion that can make you financially better off.
  • why love, empathy and sympathy can make you better-off in the way how other people treat us.
  • what Eyal Winter means when he says that there is logic in emotion and emotion in logic.
  • why it was fascinating yet frustrating for Eyal Winter when he met John Nash.
  • and much much more.


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