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Economic Rockstar

Jun 4, 2015

Stephen Young is a Senior Lecturer at Brighton Business School and is subject leader for behavioural economics.


He is also Visiting Lecturer at Brighton and Sussex Medical School, where he teaches Behavioural Economics to health professionals, including commissioners, public health practitioners and GPs. 


As an independent consultant and trainer, Stephen also provides client workshops and presentations on behavioural economics and behaviour change.


Stephen is widely published and his research interests include behaviour change, climate change, health, sustainability, and Information and Communications Technology.


Stephen does not own a car and is so passionate about being car free that he writes regularly on his blog Other writings from Stephen can be found at

In this episode, find out:

  • why Stephen decided to become an academic.
  • about the Northern Rock bank run in the UK in 2007.
  • why universities need to adapt or die when it comes to addressing relevant content.
  • what Stephen is doing to reduce his carbon footprint in college and how he’s responding to the digital needs of his students.
  • why health professionals are interested in behavioral economics.
  • about the Irish government’s fight against obesity.
  • how Stephen is encouraging a town in the UK to become pedestrian friendly.
  • about framing car ownership - status and perception of rank.
  • how by ditching your car you can burn calories.
  • how the average person is working two days a week to pay for their car.
  • about the emotional attachment that a car represents.
  • what major cities across Europe are doing to make them more pedestrian and bike-friendly.
  • about peak car ownership.
  • some advice from Stephen on how to give your car.
  • about the pluralist approach to embracing economics.