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Economic Rockstar

May 7, 2015

Dr. Matthew Rousu is a Professor and Warehime Chair in the Department of Economics at Susquehanna University. His main teaching interests include microeconomics, political economic thought, and game theory.

Matt is an expert on experimental auction design and implementation. He uses his expertise on experimental auctions to study problems in agricultural economics, environmental economics, and public health.  He has published over 40 scholarly articles, as well as book chapters, non-technical articles and Opeds.

Matt has been quoted widely on many issues by The Chicago Tribune, Forbes, The NY Daily News, The Philadelphia Inquirer, US News and World Report, The Washington Post, Wikipedia, and

He has also been a guest for local radio stations mainly to discuss the local, state, and national economy.

Matt runs his own blog known as paeconomist.blogspot and is founder of the Economic Impact Review. He is the author of Political Trivia.

Matt earned a Bachelor's degree from the University of South Dakota and a Ph.D. in Economics from Iowa State University.

Find Out:


  • Benefits of lecturing at a liberal arts college - switch up your research interests.
  • about experimental auction designs.
  • what is consumer demand for Genetically Modified Products.
  • how demand for GMOs change due to differences in packaging.
  • how print advertisement for e-cigarettes increases their demand.
  • whether e-cigarettes are a ‘healthy’ alternative to traditional cigarettes.
  • about the impact of plain package cigarettes on consumer demand.
  • if the Irish government correct in enforcing plain packaged cigarettes.
  • how much less buyers were willing to pay for plain packaged cigarettes.
  • how a picture of smoking-related diseases on cigarette packaging decreases demand for cigarettes.
  • why Matt set up The Economic Impact Review.
  • why economic impact studies should go through a peer-review process.
  • and much much more.