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Economic Rockstar

Apr 9, 2015

Craig Medico is an Economics and History educator in New York with 11 years of classroom experience. Craig is doing amazing things to get young people to understand and become interested in economics.

He is the author of No Bull Review - Macroeconomics and Microeconomics: For use with the AP Macroeconomics and AP Microeconomics Exams (2012) and No Bull Review - Macroeconomics and Microeconomics: Top 10 Guide (2014). 

Craig is the developer of several best-selling iPhone test prep apps from Study By App, LLC, including Economics AP (2010), Economics AP Free (2011), and Economics Flashcard Review (2011). 

In 2010, he contributed to WNYC Radio/Public Radio International's morning news program The Takeaway. 

Craig is the Macroeconomics instructor for the Junior State of America summer school at Princeton University and teaches Advanced Placement Economics at Paul D. Schreiber High School in Port Washington, New York.

He recently completed an economics educator study tour of Peru with the Global Economic Education Alliance in association with the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs and the Peruvian University of Applied Sciences.

In his spare time, Craig records and produces educational music videos for The Social Studs.

Find out:

  • about Craig Medico’s education trip to Peru.
  • about the class distinction in Peru and how it is upsetting the quality of education for the poor.
  • how technology can be so beneficial to learning.
  • how Peruvian kids are excited about the country’s economic future.
  • how a trip to Peru will become part of Craig’s lessons at High School.
  • about Craig’s opinions about using technology in education.
  • why Craig embraces technology in education both for himself and for his students.
  • if there is a disruptive technology that exists that could compromise the traditional bricks-and-mortar way of education.
  • what upset Craig when he saw a mother and son at a donut shop.
  • how economics saved Craig’s career.
  • how idiot-proofing economics allowed Craig to master the concepts.
  • about Craig’s philosophy in his teaching methods and how it helps students to learn effectively.
  • about the Advanced Placement programs in the United States and how to earn college credit.
  • about Craig’s philosophy which is based on the thoughts of Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius.
  • who are George Washing-tone and Abrajamz Lincoln and what are they teaching kids?
  • why Craig Medico transforms into Mr Medi-KO and why he’s off to wrestling school.
  • about the technological challenges facing all schools today.
  • about some of the apps you can use to create educational content.
  • and muc much more.