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Economic Rockstar

Mar 5, 2015

Master Joshway, better known as Josh Angrist, is the Ford Professor of Economics at MIT and a Research Associate in the NBER's programs on Children, Education, and Labor Studies. Josh received his B.A. from Oberlin College, spent time as an undergraduate studying at the London School of Economics and as a Masters student at Hebrew University. He completed his Ph.D. in Economics at Princeton.

Angrist's research interests include the effects of school inputs and school organization on student achievement; the impact of education and social programs on the labor market; the effects of immigration, labor market regulation and institutions; and econometric methods for program and policy evaluation.

Josh is a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, The Econometric Society, and has served on many editorial boards and as a Co-editor of the Journal of Labor Economics. 

Josh is the author (with Steve Pischke) of Mostly Harmless Economics as well as Mastering 'Metrics.

Find out in this episode how Josh went from High School drop-out to Professor of Economics at MIT.

Find out:

  • about Master Joshway and Master Steveway - the Kung Fu Economists.
  • how Josh went from working in a mental hospital to working in MIT.
  • where the names Master Joshway and Master SteveFu came from.
  • why Josh is a critic of macroeconomics.
  • the difference between traditional applied micro and applied micro today.
  • Josh’s views on using assumptions in microeconomics.
  • how to design an microeconomics experiment using randomized trials.
  • why Freakonomics is a must read for students or potential students of economics.
  • why being born later in the year is good for your educational attainment.
  • about Josh’s lucky breaks in life.
  • why Josh dropped out of school at 16 and about his army sergeant stripes.
  • about Josh’s hyper Jim Kramer-like teaching style.
  • about an amazing list of economists that have personally influenced Josh.


  • what helps Josh clear his head and keep in shape.
  • and much much more.