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Economic Rockstar

Oct 13, 2016

Dr. Jaclyn Lindo is an economics instructor at the University of Hawaii’s Kapiolani Community College where she teaches principles-level courses and advise the Economics and Business Club.

Dr. Lindo flipped all of her courses using a combination of publisher-produced videos and her own problem-based, collaborative in-class assignments. She strives to make her course material as relevant to students' experiences and interests by using pop culture as well as integrating local issues.

Jaclyn will be part of the first cohort of faculty to integrate land-based learning into their pedagogy with the aim of promoting learning that is rooted in Native Hawaiin values, place-based research, and community engagement to understand community needs.

Jaclyn previously lectured on health economics at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, continuing with her expertise as the senior health economist at Hawaii Health Information Corporation. While there, Jaclyn researched healthcare policy and outcomes at the national and local levels.

Jaclyn completed her PhD at the University of Hawaii at Manoa in 2011.

For all the links, books and resources mentioned by Jaclyn, visit www.economicrockstar.con/jaclynlindo