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Economic Rockstar

Aug 25, 2016

Dr. Emily Skarbek is a Lecturer in Political Economy at King's College London.

Emily’s research examines the role of voluntary associations in solving complex public goods problems after natural disasters.

Her empirical approach is three-pronged, drawing on archives, historical sources, and field-work following large-scale natural disasters.

In addition, Emily has a passion for the history of economic thought, which she believes can play a key role in advancing contemporary debates. She is particularly interested in the epistemic arguments of Friedrich Hayek.

In 2014, Emily was awarded the annual Gordon Tullock prize for best article published in Public Choice by a junior scholar. She is also a contributing author to several books including After Katrina: The Political Economy of Disaster and Community Rebound and Hayek and the Modern World.

Dr. Skarbek received her PhD in Economics from George Mason University and was previously an Assistant Professor at San Jose State University and a Fellow at the Center for History of Political Economy at Duke University.

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