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Economic Rockstar

Jul 23, 2015

Parviz Parvizi is co-founder of Clammr, a mobile app and platform making audio more social and viral. Users are calling Clammr, which features snack-sized audio clips of 18 seconds or less, the “Instagram of Audio” and “Audio Twitter”. 

Previously, Parviz worked at McKinsey & Company, Goldman Sachs, the Federal Communications Commission, and O’Melveny & Myers. 

He has advised top 5 global media companies and mobile carriers on strategy and growth. He was a founder of McKinsey’s iConsumer research initiative on digital consumer behavior, authoring 3 of the Firm’s 10 most-downloaded media sector knowledge documents.

Parviz was a Olin Law & Economics Fellow at Yale Law School. At Cornell he majored in economics and served as President of the Cornell Economics Society while an undergraduate.


Parviz holds a JD from Yale Law School and AB from Cornell.

Find Out:

  • about Clammr, the amazingly new app that shares an18-secondaudio clip just like an audio tweet.
  • about Parviz Parvizi’s journey from Iran to the US.
  • how Parviz Parvizi got his name.
  • about the motivation behind the creation of Clammr and how Parviz and his co-founder solved a problem.
  • how Clammr was built up from the beginning at zero cost.
  • what Clammr found out about podcasting.
  • the difficulties of growing and monetising a podcast and how Clammr is helping podcasters to solve these challenges.
  • about the social aspect of Clammr and how you can share audio snippets to your friends, colleagues and audience.
  • if Clammr will adopt a monetization model similar to YouTube.
  • how Clammr’s ‘Hear More’ button can potentially lead to a paid transaction for users.
  • about the opportunities that exist for users of Clammr in the education sector.
  • how teachers can use Clammr in assessments and how students can collaborate to give their audio response in a mashup-like answer. 
  • how Clammr could be the new route for a musician to become known, just like the way Justin Bieber made it using YouTube.
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