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Economic Rockstar

Jul 9, 2015

Dr Rebecca Harding, CEO of Delta Economics, is an independent economist with an extensive background in modelling economic growth, trade, productivity, innovation and enterprise.

Rebecca is the author of nine books and has written over 250 articles on economic issues. She has held senior positions in leading academic, think-tank and corporate organisations, including roles at the London Business School, Deloitte and the Work Foundation. 

Rebecca has advised the European Union and regional governments and agencies in the UK and Germany on innovation and enterprise policy.

Rebecca is a Board Member of the Society of Business Economists and a Board Member and Trustee of the German British Forum. In 2013, she was elected as a national representative of the European Movement UK.

Rebecca holds a BA in Economics and German and an MSc and PhD in the economics of Science and Innovation from the University of Sussex and writes on her blog

Find Out:

  • about Dr Harding’s company DeltaEconomics.
  • about the data used by DeltaEconomics and why it has developed its database of statistics.
  • what is Trade Finance and how it has experienced phenomenal growth in recent years.
  • how companies bridge the finance gap between the time they export goods to the time they receive payment.
  • what the challenges are with long-term growth in trade.
  • if there are inherent risks associated with the trade finance market as more sophisticated derivative and credit markets emerge.
  • about the inherent risks that may appear in the derivatives markets for trade finance.
  • if a market collapse could be the outcome of a non-compliant and unregulated trade finance securities market.
  • if could an implosion in trade finance is possible with large defaults in payments due mainly to the development of a derivatives and securities market.
  • if sovereign risk will become prominent if trade finance risk increases.
  • if enough data exists for trade finance to allow it to mature into a fully functioning wholesale and derivatives market.
  • and much, much more.
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